I have been playing about throwing with some porcelain of late.  Porcelain acts like nothing else! It will quite literally decide for no reason whatsoever to just throw itself off the wheel and leave you so infuriated you want to scream.  But then, when you get in the rhythm, the joy that comes from throwing a porcelain triumph is akin to conquering the world!



Here i have thrown a set of porcelain bowls, the rims were thin but I left them to dry for too long so couldn’t turn the base.  Instead of wasting them I biscuit fired them and used them as test pieces for some brush on glazes by Amaco. These are the potters choice glazes and actually I quite like them! They are quite easy to apply but the recommendation is to apply 3 layers, I think that is a bit too much so will use only 2 next time and see what’s what.


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