Shery Crow…….the greatest. End of. Why start with that I hear you cry? Well…..when I paint, make or cook, music is the one thing that stays constant.  And it has to be loud! And, usually, it starts with a Sheryl Crow album!

I started this painting after returning from a holiday to the South of France, a market town called Valbonne.  I wanted to capture the busy life of the market but also the light streaming through the trees.  I haven’t painted for over 10 years and after the pottery show, I needed to take a bit of a break from ceramics after such an emotional roller coaster! So i decided to go back to what I love – which is painting with oils.

I took advice from a painter friend mid way through the painting who said ‘get rid of the grey’ and ‘paint the whole picture not piece by piece’ and I have to say it took on a whole new life of its own.

Anyway….here it is for your collective perusal, judgement, appreciation, criticism or just because!! Feel free to comment…..





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