When I was training as a vet, towards the end of the five year course, the sheer volume of information seemed so overwhelming.  I can remember at the time feeling exasperated and looked to my mentor who said ‘don’t worry, it will all just suddenly fall into place’….. and he was right.


5 years into my pottery endeavours and I reached a plateau. After the Great Pottery Throwdown, I hit a bit of a wall.  After all the excitement had settled, I looked at what I had achieved and remember thinking I still hadn’t found my own style.  I phoned my pottery tutor who, ironically, said ‘don’t worry, it will all just suddenly fall into place’…….. and he was also right!


Over the past few months, I have been developing a range of personalised dog bowls.  The clay is a flecked stoneware, very hardwearing with a ‘food safe’ matt green/grey glaze.  I love making them and thankfully the results are consistent.  I introduced the design onto social media and it has proved more popular than I could ever imagine! I am now selling to customers up and down the country (and even overseas!).

Here they are for you to see, what do you think? Let me know…..

James x




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