Some examples of my ceramic work

Whilst I love playing with all sorts of different clays and experimenting with different glazes, every potter eventually finds their niche!

After a huge amount of frustration, failed glaze tests, kiln errors, cracked bases (the list goes on!) I have finally found a formula that works….

My niche, it turns out, are personalised dog and cat bowls!


Each bowl is made individually, to any size, and stamped with the name of your pet. The bowls are made from a flecked stoneware which is very hard wearing, totally waterproof and durable.  The interior and rim of each bowl is glazed  with a matt green/grey glaze.

 They are dishwasher safe and will not discolour.  (Please note that each bowl is an individual piece and therefore colour and final finish may vary just slightly from the examples shown).

If you would like to place an order,  please complete the form below or email:

My range of tableware is a stoneware/porcelain blend clay that fires to a very subtle off white.  I use either a sea green glaze or a combination of brush on glazes.   I have developed both these glazes from scratch, taking inspiration from the colours and light of the wonderful St Ives…

Some other pieces, some current, some from years gone by!!


9 Comments on “Some examples of my ceramic work

  1. Hello James, tu es passé avec ton ami à Mougins aujourd’hui. Je suis céramiste. J’aime ton travail, et ta tarte à la frangipane aussi. Bravo et merci de la visite..Annie


  2. Hi james love your work especially the fish plates! Are you selling these if so can I buy some. very talented work! Regard margaret law


    • Hi Margaret, thank you for the comment and I’m thrilled you like them! I only have a lobster and crab at the moment but they are reserved. Having great feedback though so I am planning to launch some for sale in the near future so I will post on here as soon as they are ready. Thanks again, James


  3. Hi James

    Loving the crab and lobster designs. When you have more available for sale can you let me know.


      • Hi James, love the T.Pots, How much are they? I’m Brian, a potter living in the Dordogne with my partner Simon,if you ever want a holiday or passing by our way , and want to do some pots we have holiday cottages and a pottery!! Well done! we to love whitby and used to live at sandsend


      • Hi Brian, than you for the offer! Ive had a look at your website and the cottage looks absolutely beautiful, what a great lifestyle! We often come to France and Im sure we will again soon so I will keep in touch, it would be great to have a throw in some sunshine!! Sandsend is great, fab beach! will keep in touch, all the best, J


  4. Love the dog bowls, would love to get my mum some for Christmas for her dogs. How much would they be if they were personalised?


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